By Kris Kiser

I was driving down a busy street in Indiana one cold morning when I came upon a small dog running down the center lane.    At a major intersection, he froze in traffic and lay down in the street. 

Knowing he might be injured, I pulled my car into the intersection and blocked traffic so I could help this scared young pup.  From that moment forward, my world and his changed forever.  I drove him immediately to the veterinarian and it was here that he got his name.  “You are one lucky little dog,” she said – and the name “Lucky” stuck.  I adopted Lucky and, before long, we had a wonderfully smart, energetic and playful addition to the family.


A couple years later, we moved to Washington, DC.   It was a big change for Lucky to move to a city where he had no yard.   He missed playing outside his Indiana home, but he liked that he still got to accompany me to work.  Lucky also gets to travel back to Indiana from time to time.  Going back and forth has showed us the big difference between having a yard and not having one.  Yards, for example, are always cool and they’re great for playing and lying around.   Lucky and I missed having a yard, so we’ve moved to a new neighborhood where Lucky has his green space once again.


Lucky’s love of green spaces and yards led to the TurfMutt Science Program, where Lucky tells his story and teaches children in grades K-5 about plant science.  Lucky is the furry face behind a series of educational curriculum, games and experiments that help teach students to become better environmental stewards. Lucky hopes that you will learn to love and appreciate the green space around you as much as he does!