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I’m TurfMutt, the Caped Crusader – Out to Save the Planet, One Yard at a Time.

Study: children prefer to play outside than watch TV

A recent study of nearly 3,000 parents and children by Eureka Children’s Museum in West Yorkshire (UK) found 81% of children prefer playing outside to watching TV. But half of the parents polled reported that they did not let their child leave their home or yard. Additionally, only 37% of those parents surveyed said they [...]

holiday gift ideas to engage kids in the green space around them

Kids spend a lot of time “plugged in” to television, video games, computers, etc. But during this season of giving you have an opportunity to encourage the kids in your life to embrace, explore and take care of the green spaces around them with unique holiday gifts. All it takes is a little creativity on [...]

use materials from mother nature to decorate this holiday season

Even during the holiday decorating season it’s possible to get your kids interested in the outdoor spaces around them. It just takes a little creativity to turn outdoor collectables into treasured holiday decor. Here are a few ideas. Gather bare branches to create a woodland scene in your home. Place the branches in a narrow [...]

Early winter weather has an upside for some landscaping

During this season of gratitude are you finding it hard to give thanks for the winter weather hitting much of the country already? If so, consider this. It turns out that for some plants there is an upside to early chilly temperatures. Temperatures that drift into the 30s early in the season can help “harden [...]

Prep your snow blower for winter use

Ready or not, here comes the snow! Here are a few tips to get your snow blower prepared to handle its winter chores. Replace the fuel filter. Inspect the blade, belts and other parts for wear. Replace as needed. Change the oil. Install a new spark plug, if needed. Clean off any dirt and grease [...]

How to care for plants during a cold snap

Temperatures are plunging across many parts of the country, with snow in some areas. That means you need to take some extra precautions with your plants and landscaping, if you haven’t already. Here are a few tips. Cluster container plants together, or bring them inside (especially potted succulents). Water landscaping plants before a freeze to [...]

Prep your lawn mower for winter storage

Giving your lawn mower a little TLC before you store it until the grass is green again can ensure that it’s ready to roll next spring. Here are some ‘to-do’ items to complete before putting your mower away for the season. Before you start make sure your owner’s manual is handy, and remove the spark [...]

TurfMutt’s Halloween safety tips for your four-legged friends

For many families, Halloween is a favorite time of year. But there’s one member of your family who may not have the same affinity for the holiday – your pet! TurfMutt has these tips to keep you four-legged family members safe this Halloween. 1. Be careful with candy. Trick-or-treat candies are not safe for pets. [...]

Check out the new TurfMutt website and meet our new partner, Scholastic Education

Have you noticed that TurfMutt.com has a new look? It’s part of TurfMutt’s just-announced partnership with Scholastic Education. Scholastic is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and a leader in education technology and children’s media. With Scholastic’s help we’re going to grow TurfMutt to reach even more students, teachers and families. The [...]

3 ways to use pumpkins to engage kids with the outdoors

Autumn and pumpkins go hand-in-hand. But did you know there are some creative uses for these giant gourds that can help your kids engage with the outdoors? Here are three interesting things to do with pumpkins this fall. Make a bird feeder. Cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and flesh, and then [...]