Saving the planet- one yard at a time!

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I’m TurfMutt, the Caped Crusader – Out to Save the Planet, One Yard at a Time.

Lawn mower safety tips

It’s typical at around this time for summer lawn care chores to get a little monotonous. But don’t let that mean that your focus on safety slips! Remember these tips to keep yourself – and your family – safe this summer. Dress properly for the job, wearing substantial shoes, long pants and close-fitting clothes. Clean [...]

Consumers want “green” outdoor spaces, survey shows

If sustainability impacts your landscaping investment decisions, you are not alone. According to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architects Trends Survey, conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, consumers want gardens, landscaping and outdoor living spaces that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. The survey, which polled landscape architects specializing in residential design, also showed that [...]

Lawn care tips for wet weather

Many areas of the country are experiencing wet weather, making lawn care difficult. When there’s too much water, oxygen is forced out of the soil and the roots die. Here are some wet weather lawn care tips from TurfMutt. Allow the soil to dry. Walking on wet soils can compact it, leading to a bumpy [...]

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

The July Fourth holiday is a great opportunity to spend time in your backyard with your entire family – including Fido. But TurfMutt encourages you to keep these pet safety tips in mind for your Independence Day celebration. Do not apply sunscreen or insect repellent to a pet that is not specifically intended for animals. [...]

Birdwatch with your kids this summer

When most kids hear “tweet” they think of the social media platform Twitter. But backyard birds can be a good lure for getting your children away from their mobile devices, television sets and computers this summer and into nature! Birds are not only beautiful to look at, they also help boost tree growth by removing [...]

Article: “Proof Going Outside Makes You Healthier”

TurfMutt has shared a lot of good information and scientific evidence over the years that getting outdoors – even into your own backyard – is good for your health. (For an example read this story). Recently, the Huffington Post published a story examining the top health benefits of getting outdoors this summer that backs up [...]

Deadheading 101

Deadheading is a necessary summer chore that means removing flowers that are fading or have finished blooming. With many plants you can encourage another round of bloom, or simply make the plant look good and compact, by removing the dead parts. But exactly how to deadhead can sometimes confound folks. Here are three dead-on deadheading [...]

Got vacation plans? Don’t forget your plants!

You’ve booked the hotel and made all the necessary travel arrangements for your summer vacation. But before you leave town, don’t forget to make provisions for your plants and landscaping. After all, you spent all that time sprucing up your yard – you want to make sure it’s still lovely when you return from your [...]

TurfMutt’s Family Activities Guide Helps Kids Learn During Summer Break

Summertime can be a nice break from the regular routine for kids. But all children experience learning loss when they don’t engage in educational activities during the summer. In fact, numerous studies show that kids typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation then they do at the beginning of the [...]

Benefits of Trees & Grass

Trees and grass aren’t just fun to play under and run in, they also provide a multitude of services. Grass helps prevent soil erosion, stabilize dust and help cool the environment. Trees provide shade, habitat and protection from wind and rain. They also help regulate the gases in our atmosphere. Here’s an idea as summer [...]