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Chemical deicers and your plants

Are you using a chemical deicer this winter? Think of your plants.

Chemical deicers aren't the best bet this winter.

Chemical deicers can damage plants.

Salt and melting agents for snow and ice can damage plants and trees by drawing water away from their roots.  Get rid of extra salt by flushing the soil out
with plenty of water.  And, remember, salt agents can be harmful to pets because the salt can cause inflamed and painful paws if animals walk over the deicer.

Following directions on the label and not over-applying the product can help minimize the risk. But there’s a another way. Remove any snow with a shovel or a snow blower. (Ask your kids to help if you need an extra hand shoveling – it’s a great way to get a winter workout!). Then, apply a layer of kitty  litter or sand for traction. This will help keep sidewalks safe.


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