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Date Archive for December, 2012

Study Links Childhood Obesity with TV in bedroom

If your child is asking Santa for a television in his room, a new study shows good reason to say no to the request. According to a Pennington Biomedical Research Center Study, watching TV in the bedroom makes children twice as likely to be overweight and nearly three times as likely to get  heart disease [...]

Tips to keep your pet safe this holiday season

Some of the things that bring you and your family holiday cheer could cause holiday harm to your family pet.   TurfMutt has a list of the most harmful holiday items for pets below. Be mindful of these hazards to keep your furry friends safe this holiday season. Lilies are poisonous and cause kidney failure [...]

Family activity ideas just in time for holiday break

The holiday break is just around the corner for school kids across the country. This year, don’t let cabin fever get the best of your family. Instead, take TurfMutt’s advice and take time to explore the green spaces near your home. Green areas serve many purposes: they cool and clean our water and air, provide [...]

Trading the mower for the blower – and other ways to prepare for winter now

For many parts of the country this winter is expected to be a doozie. Now is a good time good time to get ready for cold weather, before the temperatures take a nose dive. Turn off the water to hoses and lawn sprinklers so the pipes don’t freeze and burst. Be sure to drain residual [...]