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Date Archive for July, 2012

Deadheading Do’s and Don’ts

‘Tis the season when pretty flowerbeds start to look a little worse for the wear thanks to the intense summer heat. With just a little work, however, your perennial plants can brighten right back up. Deadheading – the process of removing the old, dried out blooms – not only cleans up the appearance of your [...]

July is National Hot Dog Month

Happy National Hot Dog Month! TurfMutt loves any excuse to get outdoors, enjoy the backyard and grill. He’s also sniffed out some fun facts about America’s go-to grilling food, the humble hot dog. Each year Americans buy more than 350 million pounds of hot dogs at retail stores. That is equal to 9 billion hot [...]

Tips for Summertime Lawn Care

Most of the country is suffering through heat conditions that are reminiscent of August, not July. So how do you make sure your lawn survives the summer heat? Here are TurfMutt’s top tips: 1. Be water wise: Avoid excessive watering, and if you need to water, water heavily in the morning hours. Let your grass go [...]

Help Your Dog Beat the Heat This Summer

Lucky shares five tips for helping your dog beat the heat this summer.

July is Blueberry Month

Did you know we have a recognized month for those sweet, plump fruits? Blueberry History in the United States July was proclaimed National Blueberry Month by the United States Department of Agriculture on May 8th, 1999. Blueberries are grown in 35 states in the US, and the United States produces over 90% of all of the [...]

Water Early During Heat

It may seem that any watering is better than none when it comes to plants, but if you want that watering to make a difference, water early, before the heat rises and so that the plants are not wet during the night, when fungal diseases can take hold. There are many watering tip sites, but [...]

How to Drought-Proof Your Plants

If your area has suffered a lack of rain, never fear. Your lawn can lay dormant and bounce back when the rain comes. If you’ve just planted new greenery, look for wilting leaves as a sign for extra watering requirements up to three times a week. When watering trees, be sure not to overdo it. [...]

Do You Know What Grasscycling Is?

No, it’s not riding your unicycle around the lawn. It’s a fancy term for recycling those grass clippings. The EPA web site has great ideas how to compost, which programs are available in your area and lists the environmental benefits of composting. According to the site, not everything is compostable. Do compost: Animal manure Cardboard [...]