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Date Archive for April, 2012

Wonderful World of Plants

Until a few years ago, plant experts were not sure how many plant species existed.  That is about to change with plans for a catalog called the World Flora by the St. Louis-based Missouri Botanical Garden, New York Botanical Garden and two British institutions, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  This online catalog should [...]

Better Mowing

Grass is beginning to grow like crazy.  There IS a better way to mow and cut grass. Keep blades sharp, cut no more than one-third of the blade’s length, don’t mow wet grass and remember to recycle the grass for natural fertilizer. Here is a nice article to remind you how to mow better. What [...]

Earth Day Origins

As we near Earth Day, it’s interesting to read about it origins and how it has become a much anticipated event each year. Interesting facts: Earth Day is planned for April 22 in all years at least through 2015. Earth Day was first observed in San Francisco and other cities on March 21, 1970, the [...]

Container Plants Add to the Landscape

We’ve talked a lot about designing your garden and coming up with ideas to spruce up your lawn or landscape, but let’s not forget about the joys of container gardening. You have so many choices when it comes to pots, plants, soil mixes and the list goes on.  We found this wonderful photo display of [...]

The Best Garden Apps

It may seem strange to offer up the „Best App“ suggestions on a blog dedicated to green, but think of the trees you’ll save by going paperless!  Here are a few free apps that have come across our desk. MyGardenApp, connected to MyGarden.org, gives you a step-by-step guide to all your garden needs. Fill out [...]

Sign of the Times

Who needs a farmer’s almanac when you’ve got phenology, a branch of science that deals with the relations between climate and periodic biological phenomena such as bird migration or plant flowering. Through the powers of observation you can tell what needs to be planted in your yard and when. Did you know that you should seed [...]

Rain, Rain Go THIS Way….

Concrete and asphalt prevent rainwater, a major source of our drinking water, from sinking into the earth. Also, such construction can create run-off, and in extreme cases, even flooding. If you are building a new outdoor patio, consider materials that allow for water absorption such as cobblestones or granite slabs with water permeable grout to [...]