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Date Archive for March, 2012

Getting into the (Weather) Zone

The USDA recently updated the 1990 version of its plant hardiness map to reflect northward warming patterns, adding two new weather zones. Each zone is based on 10°F increments that measure the extreme minimum temperature found in that zone. Zone 1 is the coldest (-60 to -50°F) while Zone 13 is the hottest (60 to [...]

Spring is the Time for Summer Bulbs

Did you know that spring is a great time to plant bulbs such as gladiolus, freesia and begonia? To get the most out of your summertime flowers, now is the time to plan for them. A few tips to remember: plant after the last frost date in your area. For the Southern States, that’s between [...]

Think Hummingbirds Before Trip to the Nursery

Plans are formulating and designs are getting drawn.  What plants to buy and where do I put them?   Aside from when it blooms, how tall it grows or how it smells, think Hummingbirds!  What a wonderful sight to behold, a hummingbird swooping through your garden. Well, they have no sense of smell, so it’s the [...]

Equinox versus Solstice ~ What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the terms equinox and solstice? The vernal equinox is the official first day of spring while the winter solstice marks the first day of winter. Equinox comes from the Latin term equinoxium or ‘equal’.  According to Dictionary.com, the equinox is the time when the sun crosses [...]

Think of Your Pets as Spring Blooms

The ASPCA has some words of wisdom for pet owners when it comes to spring-time hazards for your furry, or not so furry, friends.  For example, did you know that pets can get allergies too?  Not to mention, with our warmish winter, fleas and ticks are out in full force.  Check out the Springtime Safety [...]

Jack Frost Doesn’t Always Bite

Are you worried about your spring flowers getting frost bite? While winter isn’t quite over yet, you don’t necessarily have to worry about early-budding plants such as irises, crocuses and tulips. These bulb plants have a large root system, which helps them survive snow and freezing temperatures. In many regions you can even start planting [...]

Ready for Spring?

It’s official! We’ve entered the final stretch of winter according to the calendar. While much of the country experienced higher than normal temperatures, now’s the time to really pull out your lawn gear for some green-side fun. Are your tools rusted? A dash of WD40 can get off most surface rust. For more persistent rust, [...]

Getting Kids Outdoors – The First Step

Children certainly don’t get as much outdoor time anymore.   According to current research, children who live near green spaces tend to have a lower likelihood of being obese than those who do not. Fact: One in four children does not participate in any free time physical activity. Fact: The favorite pastime for most children is watching [...]

Majority of Households Have Pets

Wow, 62 percent of us have a pet of some kind, and whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or gerbil, pets make you healthier.  Hug your pet today (and if you actually end up hugging your fish, or kissing your fish), please do send us a picture of that one!  

It’s a Dog’s World

Did you know that America has 51 million dogs as a pet? No matter the size of your yard, dogs need plenty of exercise. So if you notice your Labrador pacing the edge of your property like a caged panther at the zoo, you know he needs a run to feel good. Green spaces are [...]