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Date Archive for January, 2012

Drive Them Up the Wall with Vertical Gardens

It’s only February, but we are all having thoughts of spring and planning ahead for our gardens and how to add texture, beauty and interest to our landscape.  This is part 1 of our “Green Ideas” Series. Today let’s look at vertical gardens. Have you ever seen that delightful wall of green plants growing from [...]

Geranium Blooms in Winter?

Is it okay to allow your potted geranium to bloom in the winter time? Absolutely! In fact, even though your geranium will keep growing if kept between 45 and 70 °F, it doesn’t need as much water as it does in the summertime. Water thoroughly once a month. If you have the room, bring your [...]

Are Your Container Plants Going to Pot?

Soil hardens more quickly in a container than in the ground. Even though this winter has been mild, younger plants whose roots haven’t settled may not do so well outdoors. Prune your plants once they have gone dormant and store your plants according to their winter hardiness. Consider covering them – anything from evergreen boughs to [...]

Winter Backyard Tool Assessment

Now is a good time to take stock of what the tools and equipment in your shed look like.  Sharpening, cleaning, and fixing tools may all be called for as we near the eventual beginning of spring.  The better your tools, the better your pruning and overall plant care.  Do you have any tool maintenance [...]

How to Best Store Your Firewood

We love the outdoors, but truth be told, when it gets cold, we are indoors a lot.  With winter and cold comes nights by the fire. If you store firewood, be sure to keep the area clean by occasionally raking the debris away. Wood piles are a great hiding place for bugs so be mindful [...]

Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14th is Dress Up Your Pet Day. Before you get funny ideas and put your ‘Mutt in a dress, remember we dogs like to run around, even in the wintertime. Because this winter has been milder than usual, consider taking a weekend walk through a park. Dog parks are a great place to meet [...]

Seeds and Mid-Winter Blues

The cascade of seed catalogues has started to litter your floor. You’re dreaming of an explosion of blooms just outside your window. Butterflies are dancing as the bees tumble, drunk with nectar, from stem to stem. Wake up! It’s January! The warmer than usual temperatures might have you motivated for spring already, but before you [...]

New Years and Gardening Catalogs

It’s the New Year and what did many of us receive in the mail….?  An assortment of gardening catalogs.  It seems they know when we are most vulnerable.  We are already thinking about planting some new shrub or perennial to fill in that bare corner next spring.  Or, we can’t wait to plan our vegetable [...]