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Date Archive for December, 2011

New Years Resolutions for Your Yard

Happy New Year! While the snow may still be lingering (or in full force), why not take advantage of those renewed intentions by plotting out your 2012 yard or garden resolutions? We’ve put together a little list to get you started.  I promise not to overwater, overfertilize or underweed. I will keep my plants in [...]

Happy Holidays from TurfMutt

We wish you a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends.   Perhaps we’ll be able to enjoy snow again this year? Dogs and snow usually don’t go together, but it’s fun to run through the snow for a bit, no?      

The Protective Powers of Snow

Believe it or not, snow has a protective quality for perennials, bulbs, shrubs and other plants as it shields your plant life from the alternate freezing and thawing cycles of winter.   Snow is like nature’s blanket. However, even if you don’t have snow to keep your plants warm, you can use straw or pine branches to [...]

Your Lawn is at Stake!

It may be hard to imagine six-foot snow drifts, or even a few inches of snow on the ground.  But, it could happen.  So before the winter storms start, incrementally place long stakes in the ground on the edge of your lawn to ensure you, or the snow plow, don’t scrape your grass. If you [...]

Deck the Halls, with Holly Trees

Pine trees aren’t the only kind of evergreen tree that moves front and center this holiday season. Holly trees are most prevalent in the Southeastern United States, although they can withstand even harsher weather conditions. It does best in moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil. As with bulbs, holly trees need to be planted on well-drained [...]

Plant Protection – It’s a Wrap

While the temperatures loom below freezing, wrap your more sensitive plants in frost cloth available at your local garden center. But remember that ventilation even in winter time is important to avoid fungus growth on the plant. You can also use dead pine branches to keep your plants protected from freezing rain or snow. Group [...]

Your School Can Win $5,000 to Spruce Up Grounds

In concert with the expanded TurfMutt program that now reaches K-5 classrooms across the U.S., educators can enter the ‘Spruce Up Your School’ Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $5,000 grant to give their school’s play area an eco-friendly makeover. Two runners up will receive “Green Packs,” complete with eco-friendly, TurfMutt-branded school supplies for [...]

The history of mistletoe

Did you know that the tradition of hanging mistletoe on your doorframe found its roots during the 6th Century? The Celtic Druids viewed mistletoe, which often grows around strong trees such as oak, as a symbol of life and fertility. Later, the Greeks believed the plant had mystical powers. By the Middle Ages, Europeans took [...]

TurfMutt Expands Program to K-5 Classrooms

We’re happy to report that the TurfMutt program has expanded to meet the needs of K-5 educators across the country. Based on TurfMutt’s tremendous success among grades 3-5 teachers in its first year, the program has now been expanded to meet the needs of K-2 classrooms. Designed to get students outside investigating the benefits of [...]

Plant Protection – Gone with the Wind

Wind might be good for producing energy, but it can mean death for your plants. Wind can dry out plants and the surrounding soil to the point that they don’t have enough moisture to live. You can install protective cloth fencing or an attractive trellis to break the effects cold wind can have on your [...]