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Date Archive for November, 2011

Winter Holiday Decorating Made Easy

While the ground may be frozen, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring plant life to your holiday parties.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, let’s move on to the next Holiday season. Festive plants such as poinsettia positioned around your home can help bring nature indoors for the holiday season. For those in warmer climates, place [...]

Simple Thanksgiving Decorations

Forget that trip to the party store. For this year’s holiday feast, consider the great outdoors for all your decorating needs. Bundle up the kids and head outside to gather colorful leaves, nuts and sprigs to decorate the holiday table. Glue a maple leaf to a piece of paper and make a turkey out of [...]

Let’s Talk Turkey

We mentioned pumpkins in a recent post, but did you know that turkeys are big business in the U.S., too? The industry is estimated to be valued at over four billion dollars. But do you know which country consumes the most turkey of all? Yes, it’s also the United States (7.7 kg of turkey per capita [...]

Turn Over a New Leaf

We’ve talked a lot about fall cleanup lately. Now it’s time to get specific about what on earth to do with all those leaves? You could burn them, but unless you live near a fire house or far, far away from dry brush, it can be a dangerous way to go. A greener alternative is [...]

4 Ways to Winterize Your Garden

Aside from clearing up the last bits of lawn debris, there are many other things you can do to ensure your garden is winterized.  Give your grass a last, final cut. Use a mulching mower to cut the last of the leaves. If you don’t have one, rake them up. The worst thing is to [...]

The Great Pumpkin

Did you know that pumpkins are Big Business? The United States produced 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkin in 2010 – which is estimated to be worth $117 million. Do you know which state produced the largest number of pumpkins (in weight) last year? Leave your answer in our comment box if you know!  The first person [...]

It’s for the Birds!

Did you know that feeding birds early in the cold season keeps them coming back all winter long? So while the blaze of autumn gives way to winter gray, you can invite color back into your space by putting up a bird feeder. Sunflower seeds are by far the most nutritious food for birds. But [...]

Fall into Physical Fitness

Did you know your backyard is one of the best fitness spaces you have? Raking leaves for about an hour can burn up to 350 calories. Taking your furry friend for a run around green spaces can do the same. Whether you trim back stray branches or clear out the brush, doing yard work in [...]