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Date Archive for September, 2011

Fall Means More Than Apple Picking

Picking apples isn’t the only thing you can do as a family this fall. Family fun is as close as your backdoor! Rake a pile of leaves together (or several, depending on how many you have) and have fun jumping in them. Or, once you’ve cleared the leaves from your lawn, have a good old-fashioned [...]

Some Like It Cool

Do you know why some plants prefer cooler temperatures? Well, as it gets colder, chemical reactions in the soil slow down and hardier plants, such as spinach and cauliflower, prefer cooler weather for that very reason. Chrysanthemums, or “mums” for short, are a sign that autumn has arrived and cooler weather is not far behind.  Have [...]

Seed Before First Frost

If your lawn is as bald as Daddy Warbucks, you may wish to toss down some seed before the first frost.  Fall is the best time for overseeding. To prevent seeding more for the birds than the ground itself, water your lawn 24 hours before aerating it. Then, be sure to move the aerator in [...]

Let Kids ‘Fall’ into Yardwork

Fall is a great time of year to get out and do those chores that have been building up – rake leaves, spread compost, overseed, plant new perennials, trees and bushes to develop good root systems, and so on.  One of several ideas is to let kids go even further:  The kids also help with [...]

Hedges Don’t Have To Be Daunting

Have you ever looked at someone’s perfectly situated hedges and wondered how they did that?  How did they get the hedges to be sited perfectly and so well-pruned? Well, as with everything growing in your yard, it takes a bit of planning and care – especially at the beginning. A good article shows how tall [...]