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Date Archive for June, 2011

Lawns and Gardens in Harmony

A recent Washington Post article points out the role and positive aspects of a diversified backyard.  Do you want a garden, do you want some lawn space, do you want a perennial border, do you want a rock garden?  Well, you can have all of that and more. Barbara Damrosch points out how lawns intermingled [...]

How Plants Deal with Heat

Sometimes we look at our plants and lawn as ‘things’ we buy and plant and forget that they are working hard to store carbon, release oxygen and deal with the stresses wrought on them by Mother Nature – like heat and drought. A good article discusses how plants transpire, or cool themselves, when the heat [...]

North Carolina School Wins Grand Prize in TurfMutt Landscapes Across America Contest

We’re happy to report our grand prize and second place winners for the TurfMutt Contest.  As you recall, the national contest challenged third to fifth grade classrooms with showcasing their school’s unique local landscape and the environmental aspects of their region that need to be protected. Ms. Deborah Icard’s fourth grade class at Cloverleaf Elementary School [...]

Water Wise Tips to “Weather” the Heat

We found this fact sheet from a Florida extension agent –  in a State that knows a thing or two about heat and landscapes. Under the heading: Dormant Lawns Demand Little, the tips review how we can make some practical decisions to save water especially during times of heat and drought.  The top tips are:  Adjust the watering frequency [...]

Hot Weather Tips for Pets

Now is the time to review some important tips on keeping pets safe during the hot weather.  We look to the ASPCA for a checklist.  Please review and share with your friends and family.  Any tips of your own? The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) tips to keep pets safe in [...]