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Date Archive for May, 2011

Mobile Gardening Anyone?

We often talk about planting the right plant in the right spot as the key to successful landscaping and gardening.  Well, we found an app for you.  Actually, we heard about it through the Sierra Club’s “The Green Life” and perhaps you’ll find this useful. iGrowIt tells you, based on your location and the season, what to [...]

Healthy Soil, a Key Ingredient

Healthy soils can mean the difference between disaster and success for your greenscape.  Healthy soils, acc. to the Sustainable Sites Initiative, allow rainwater to penetrate, preventing excess runoff, sedimentation, erosion, and flooding.  Soils also help clean, store, and recharge groundwater.  By storing water and slowing the delivery of water to plants, healthy soils play a [...]

Compost Just Keeps on Giving

Compost is a very popular topic in the Spring.  After the long winter, compost piles promise growth and lush lawns, gardens and landscaping.  Did you know that: Compost can hold six times its weight in water, which reduces the need for irrigation during periods of drought. Compost strengthens soil structure. Compost reduces the compaction of heavy [...]

Pet Adoptions Made Easy

We found this great pet adoption tool that puts you in touch with possible pets that really, truly need a home at shelters and adoption organizations across the country.  Have you been thinking about taking a pet in – perhaps even a dog like TurfMutt? Here’s a little more information on Petfinder and then try [...]

May is Garden for Wildlife Month

May has been designated Garden for Wildlife Month and the National Wildlife Federation is encouraging you to adopt some gardening practices that will make your yard a sanctuary for wildlife.   To celebrate, the organization itself is planting a tree for every wildlife habitat that is certified during the month of May.  For a full list of ideas, go to NWF. Some fun [...]

Green Plants for a Brown Thumb

Growing new plants in the backyard can be a lot of fun.  But, there are always those times when a new plant just doesn’t work out so well.  Was it the soil, did I water it enough, did it get enough sun?  Sometimes we never know. We found an interesting article titled “6 Plants that will grow anywhere” [...]

Backyards and Puppies

Who knew there was a newspaper called the Daily Puppy?  But, why not? And, we found a great article on preparing one’s backyard for a new puppy – all you need is a sturdy fence, safe plant material, shelter area/dog house, and water.   And, make sure you leave a large grassy area of the backyard [...]

Wet Grass, Now What?

We know how wet this Spring has been in some parts of the country.  Traditionally, one wouldn’t think of mowing on wet grass.   But, if you have no choice, here’s some advice from an extension educator-horticulturist with the Purdue University  who gives some good advice on mowing high, removing the mower bag and redirecting downspouts as [...]

International Compost Awareness Week

Yes, this week, May 1-May 7, is the week for Compost.  And, many of us know the value of turning food waste into rich soil for our garden plantings and the top-dressing of lawns and other perennials, annuals and shrubs.  You can find several events here across the country to celebrate the week. We found [...]

Reflections on Arbor Day

Last Friday, April 29th, it was Arbor Day in most States.  Celebrating Arbor Day stretches back to 1874 in Nebraska and began to spread to other States from there.   The Arbor Day foundation has a great page on the “History of Arbor Day” through an interactive history book. And a nice resource page encouraging children [...]