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Date Archive for April, 2011

Look at different grass seeds

More and more, you can find a variety of grass seeds to grow the lawn that fits your particular area and weather patterns.  All About Lawns has some tips on different types of grass you can plant.  Do  you want? Native Grass Seed Native grasses are indigenous to a particular region’s soil conditions and rainfall, [...]

Don’t Miss Landscapes Across America Contest

Dont’ miss out on OPEI and Discovery Education’s Landscapes Across America contest, ending May 5th. This Contest is challenging students to illustrate the unique ecosystem attributes in their local region.  3rd to 5th grade classrooms are encouraged to submit a slideshow with digital photos of the unique landscape in their area, and include a written description [...]

Earth Day Message from TurfMutt

A  hello and Happy Earth Day from TurfMutt and Friends.

Lawns and the Fight Against Climate Change

A recent SafeLawns Blog posting reminded us of two important things: One, lawns help capture and store carbon.  The blog says: “Lawns, as it turns out, can be a boon in the fight against climate change and water pollution.” Now, just as TurfMutt points out, you need to be mindful of how much water  you [...]

Spring Chores Part 2

We continue our look at some great spring gardening, landscape and lawn ideas from Kathy Van Mullekom in a Newport News, Va. newspaper article. • Collect bags of leaves to mulch the pathways and the naturalized areas in your garden. They are free, plentiful and lightweight to handle. If you put several layers of newspaper [...]

Spring Chores Part 1

Spring is officially here and there are a lot of chores to do in the garden, landscape and lawn areas.   What to do first?   We found a nice article from the Newport News Daily Press that highlighted some important, yet overlooked Spring gardening and lawn care ideas. Here are a few ideas to consider when the [...]

Gardening on the Cheap

A recent report by the National Gardening Association estimates you’ll get a half-pound of vegetables for each square foot in your garden, or roughly $600 in produce over the course of a season for the average 600-square-foot plot. Estimated outlay to grow all that produce: $70. But, you can end up spending a lot on [...]

Picking the right mulch for your landscape

A recent Ohio newspaper article points out the value of mulch – and picking the right mulch – since it ends up feeding and enriching your soil.  “The first step in shopping for mulch is figuring out how much you need. Figure out how many square feet of beds you have to cover by multiplying [...]

April is National Lawn Care Month

This month is National Lawn Care Month.  Makes sense as lawns across the country begin to grow faster and become more lush.  This is also the time to remind ourselves how to take care of the lawn responsibly so that it grows healthy without the need for too much water.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental [...]

Free Dirt for Landscaping

Are you thinking of building or expanding your garden this spring?  Do you need some organic topsoil to top dress your lawn? Need some mulch or compost? We found this free dirt exchange – who knew? – and thought you’d find it interesting.   You can see on a U.S. map who might be offering free mulch, [...]