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Date Archive for March, 2011

Vitamin G (Greenspace)?

A study out of the Netherlands looks at the green elements of the landscape around us and how it seems to affect health, well-being and feelings of social safety.  One of the compelling questions is:  How strong is the relationship between the amount of green space in people’s living environment and their perceived health and well-being, and [...]

Poster Contest Closing Soon

Hurry up and make sure a teacher or student you know enters Discovery Education’s Landscapes Across America Contest by March 31st. The contest encourages elementary students to investigate their local ecosystem for the chance to win exciting, eco-friendly prizes including a $5,000 grant for your classroom and trees planted in your honor. All your class [...]

Eco Tips for Lawn and Landscape Care – Part 5

Create More Green Space. Lawns and other green spaces lessen the “heat island” effect, especially in urban areas, keeping surrounding areas cooler. Is there an area in your neighborhood that could benefit from some green space?  If so, plant a garden for tasty veggies or a lawn area for play and relaxation.    Want to learn [...]

Eco Tips for Lawn and Landscape Care – Part 4

Water Early.  Watering in the early morning before the sun is intense helps reduce the water lost from evaporation. Installing rain gutters and collecting water from downspouts also helps reduce water use. Trickle irrigation, drip irrigation or smart controller systems help reduce water use and meet the needs of plants. Or, when drought conditions exist, [...]

Eco Tips for Lawn and Landscape Care – Part 3

Prune Regularly. A single grass plant can have 300 miles of roots. Roots grow strong with appropriate watering and proper pruning. Mowing your lawn regularly, similar to pruning perennial plants and flower gardens, keeps grass healthier, thicker, and in a “growing state,” ensuring carbon is captured and oxygen is emitted at their highest levels. Need some pruning [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating a ‘green’ day is right down TurfMutt’s alley!  In celebration, he’s donned his green cape.  Don’t you wish you had a cape, too?

Eco Tips for Lawn and Landscape Care – Part 2

Plant the Right Plant. It’s important to choose grass or plants that are right for the climate in which you live.  Then, plants will need less water and fertilization to survive. Go to your local nursery or online to find your climate zone and discover what plants are native and will grow well in your area. For [...]

Eco Tips for Green Space Care – Part 1

In the early 20th century, lawns became a central part of the American landscape. The White House without its lawn, for instance, would be unthinkable. Today, home lawns throughout the nation comprise roughly 21 million acres.  Back yards and front yards are undeniably part of the human landscape, and along with trees, shrubs and other [...]

Home Schooling Parents Get Full Array of Science Lesson Plans for Grades 3-5

Parents can now work with their children to foster an appreciation of the environment and a scientific interest in green spaces in their local community with classroom resources designed for students in grades 3-5. Available through digital downloads, home schoolers can investigate the benefits of green spaces (through online learning and experiments) and understand the [...]

Landscapes Across America Contest

OPEI and Discovery Education launched the Landscapes Across America contest, challenging students to illustrate the unique ecosystem attributes of their local region. Classrooms are encouraged to submit a slideshow with digital photos of the unique landscape in their area, and include a written description of what environmental aspects of their region need to be protected. [...]