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Date Archive for July, 2010

Lessons from Drought

It’s that time of year where we notice what plantings work, and which don’t.  A good article came out that pointed out that drought highlights if and where you’ve planted the right plant, or the wrong plant.  According to Rick J. Lewandowski, in a column in the Delaware News Journal, look around and learn from [...]

Taller Grass Fares Better in Heat

The dry, hot weather continues, and some lawns may be taking a beating.  One recent Boston Globe article re-emphasizes an important tip for keeping lawns healthy, growing and protected from drought harm.  You should cut your lawn on a higher mower setting. According to the story, “Your grass should be 3 inches high.  Grass needs [...]

How Much Carbon Do Plants Soak Up?

For the first time, scientists have calculated exactly how much CO2 vegetation soaks up.  Researchers from 18 scientific institutions used observations and calculations to determine the amount of CO2 exchange between global vegetation and the atmosphere. The new results are the most accurate to date. They have concluded that the total terrestrial vegetation captures 123 [...]

Animals and Heat

It’s always good to remind yourself and your friends to make sure pets stay cool and out of intense heat situations.  Agriculture Secretary Russell C. Redding reminds us that high temperatures can cause livestock and pets to suffer from heat-related stress. The department offered tips for helping livestock animals including cows, horses, pigs, sheep and [...]

Rainfall and Lawns

In many parts of the country, there has been little rain mixed with intense heat.  One sure sign might be brown lawns.  However, lawns can go dormant, and you might be better off watering plants that can’t take any lack of rain.   As a matter of fact, turning brown is grass’s way of conserving moisture. [...]