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Date Archive for June, 2010

Green space good for men’s health?

A study from the UK shows that men who live near green spaces are less likely to die from heart or lung problems.  Why?  One suggestion is that men were more likely to use green spaces to exercise vigorously.  Published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine, this is part of an ongoing look [...]

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Last week, June 25, was ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ –  a holiday created in 1999 to celebrate what good companions dogs are.  The holiday is also meant to encourage the adoption of dogs from humane societies, animal shelters, and breed rescues. Take Your Dog to Work Day also calls on employers to open [...]

Dog Parks in Your Area

Dog parks are picking up steam across the country – areas in local communities where you can take your dog, let them run around and be care free.  This search engine will help you find a dog park in the U.S. or Canada, and you can even register your dog park here.  There is also [...]

Mowing Lawns a Work of Art?

This article caught our eye.  While for many mowing a lawn is exercise or perhaps relaxing, we’ve never known that mowing lawns could be turned into a work of art!  Fast Company magazine spotlighted an artist that turned his lawn mowing in England into works of art on display at a gallery in London.  Check [...]

Oil Spill and Impact on Pets

Not only are wildlife being impacted by the spill, but shelters are seeing an uptick in drop-offs as people struggle to make ends meet as fishing jobs continue to dry up along the coast.   This story reminds us of the importance of shelters to take in animals, and the importance of looking for your next [...]

Green Space for Backyard Games

There are a myriad of ways that green spaces versus paved, hot surfaces help make life just a little better, especially in Summer.   An article came out from Martha Stewart that reminds us that green space allows us to play an assortment of traditional summer-time games in the backyard.  Here are some fun games to play [...]

A green lawn can be eco-friendly

A good article came out –  just in time for summer – that outlines some of the key steps to having a lawn that is healthy and enjoyable, but doesn’t require over-use of water or fertilization.   Ideas to consider:  top dress lawn with compost, mow high, leave clippings on lawn, consider native grasses, water deeply, [...]

Pets and Hotels

Lucky is a frequent traveler and some of his best experiences have been in pet-friendly hotels.  One of our favorite experiences was at a Westin hotel that has a Heavenly Bed for Pets.  As you head out or plan your vacation this summer, don’t forget to check out the hotels ahead of time. One site [...]

Mosquito Season

Warm weather plus spring rains equals the dawn of mosquito season.   Not only are the bites annoying, but these insects carry disease.  Two of the most important steps to take in your yard is to drain water and get rid of puddles of water – where the mosquitoes hatch – and keep your lawn mowed [...]