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Date Archive for May, 2010

TurfMutt Fun for Memorial Day

Many are gearing up to travel by plane, train or automobile this weekend, and for many parents the question is:  How do we keep the kids busy and entertained? Here’s an idea:  Print a copy of the TurfMutt Game here – then, all you need are two coins, paper, pen and buttons (or more coins) [...]

Super Grass?

Scientists are on a quest to engineer a drought proof lawn. The goal?  Develop grass that demands little water, tolerates shade, is resistant to fungi and pests, grows at a relatively slow pace, produces ample seeds and passes down the same characteristics from generation to generation.  Sound impossible, well not to UC Riverside turfgrass specialist [...]

Keep Pets Safe in Hot Weather

Who hasn’t walked by a car on a hot day and worried about a dog sitting in the sweltering car?  The Humane Society cautions: “Never leave your pet unattended in the car on a warm or sunny day. Cars quickly heat up to a dangerous temperature, even with the window slightly open.”   Some more great [...]

Shelter or Store?

According to an Associated Press story, a new study shows that people still prefer to get their pet from a shelter.  Rescuing animals just feels right.   Specifically, more than half of people in the Associated Press-Petside.com poll said they would get their next dog or cat from a shelter, nearly seven times the number who [...]

Green Roof Keeps Buildings Cool

According to Wikipedia, a green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.  Green roofs are taking off across the country, and studies [...]

Tokyo and the Heat Island Effect

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times recounted how serious Tokyo is getting about reversing serious threats to their quality of life.  One area that they are trying to reverse is the detrimental effects of laying too much concrete and asphalt.  According to the LA Times story from April 23, 2010 (http://articles.latimes.com/2010/apr/23/business/la-fi-green-tokyo-20100423), neighborhoods are [...]

Postage Stamps Highlight Animal Rescue

It’s great to have a focus on the importance of rescuing animals.  The U.S. Postal Service just announced a new series of stamps called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet .  The goal, according to the Postal Service, is to increase public awareness about sheltered pets and encourage pet adoption and promote humane and responsible [...]

Smart Controllers Help You Water More Wisely

It’s only Spring, but it won’t be long before dry conditions hit many parts of the country.  Water wisely means using technology to plan when and how to water in a way that puts water right where it’s needed and watering at the right time for the right amount of time.  According to the California [...]

New Grass Species Not as Thirsty

TurfMutt talks about the value of green space, while at the same time discussing the need to lessen our impact when maintaining lawns and landscapes.  A new study published in HortScience identified four alternative turfgrass species — two bentgrasses and two fescues — as promising for use as ‘low-input’ grasses, meaning that water and fertilization [...]