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Date Archive for January, 2010

Powerful rain storms bring tree and yard damage

From California to the East Coast, there has been plenty of flooding.  After strong winds and rainfall, you’ll be tempted to break out chain saws and other outdoor power equipment to clear away broken limbs and damaged trees.  Please keep in mind these important safety reminders:  Have a chain saw on hand for clean up, [...]

Where is All the Grass in My Yard?

The cold continues and I’m still trying to get over the shock from our last snow blizzard in DC.  I thought it would be fun, but I went from the front door to the back door as quickly as I could – and I didn’t see one blade of grass.  You can see my ‘brief’ [...]

Snow Blues

Right about now, I have the blues.  Snow continues to linger on the ground, which keeps me – and others – from enjoying any green space.  No wonder I’ve been down lately.  This link between green space and general health reminds us how important green, growing spaces are to our moods and overall health.   Interesting [...]