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Date Archive for December, 2009

Climate Predictions for Winter 2010

Looks like this Winter will be warmer for some, colder for others.  And for those living in drought-prone states, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center says “Above-average precipitation is expected in the southern border states, especially Texas and Florida. Recent rainfall and the prospects of more should improve current drought conditions [...]

Poster Contest Results Coming Soon!

I’m getting so excited – my Poster contest ended October 28th and the winners will soon be announced.  The contest asked kids to design a poster that showed a way – or introduced a great idea on how – to create green spaces in their community.   Look out for the results soon.  Did you miss [...]

Leave the Leaves Alone?

Leaves are a blast, aren’t they?  I see removing leaves is a big chore in the Fall – and important so your lawn doesn’t get smothered.  But taking all the leaves off of a lawn also interrupts the natural process that returns beneficial nutrients to the soil. Worms, bacteria and other minute organisms eat decaying [...]