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Date Archive for November, 2009

Relaxing for Thanksgiving by the Lake

It’s time to relax for me and my friends by the Lake where there is plenty of green to walk on and blue water to look at (or swim in if it’s not too cold).  Here I am enjoying the view and my getaway from city life for a few days.

Right Plant. Right Place.

I saw this handout online from the Saving Water Partnership from Seattle.  Their focus on right plant, right time is exactly the best way to keep your landscape green and working hard for you, but in a water-wise way.  Right plants for your environment means stronger roots, healthier plants making more oxygen and storing more [...]

Ethanol and Storing Mowers and Other Equipment in Winter

Ethanol can be corrosive, so here are some tips from the Consumer Reports blog from October 7, 2009 on how to protect your investment. ————————— As we covered in “Is Fuel With an Increased Level of Ethanol a Problem for Small Gas Engines?” there’s growing concern over the effects that gasoline-ethanol blends like E10—that’s 90 [...]

Grass Can Help Restore Watersheds

Marion, Kansas is one of several waterways across the Midwest where smelly and potentially deadly blue-green algae is blooming – part of this is because of drought and nutrients seeping into water sources.  They decided to slow down the flow of runoff with grass waterways and terraces.  Some have fenced off ponds and streams from [...]

Ways to cut water use in the Southwest

There are ways to plant the right grass for the right climate – and cut down on watering.  Here is an article from The Arizona Republic that shares the latest thinking on how to reduce watering dramatically during their summer, dry months.    One idea is a the use of smart irrigation controllers. Modern irrigation controllers [...]

Snow Already?

I can’t believe that snow has starting falling already in many parts of the country.   For some areas, the old shovel can’t handle the job (or some people’s backs can’t handle the job!).  If you have a snowblower – or plan on getting one this season – remember to operate it safely. Some good tips [...]

Still time to grow green

Colder weather for some means it’s time to stop outdoor work.  For many, it means throwing some seed around.  Consumer Reports has some good advice on overseeding now for more lawn and less weeds next Spring.   Strong, growing grass next year means more carbon soaked up and less need to water so much.  That’s being [...]