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Date Archive for October, 2009

Lots to see at GIE+EXPO

I can’t believe all the different kinds of lawn and garden equipment at GIE+EXPO.  There are so many different choices for every type of job. They have stuff here that runs on gas, propane, solar, electric, battery, diesel and biodiesel, everything for homeowners and landscapers. Here I am at GIE+EXPO – watch me!

GIE+EXPO Shows Cool Tools for Landscaping

I just arrived in Louisville yesterday and spent the morning at GIE+EXPO – a large show about cool tools for taking care of green spaces.  I am continuing to spread the word about my educational program on how lawns and landscapes work to help capture carbon and run-off, not to mention how it keeps me cool [...]

Leaves make good ‘food’

Leaves are falling left and right.  They’re fun to chase as they fall to the ground, but my friend says they’re even better as food next year for fertilizing our plants and lawns.  Here’s a few tips from Eartheasy.com on how to turn those leaves into food: ~ gather leaves and grass clippings  Leaves are one [...]

Having Fun at FFA Agriculture Convention

I’m roaming the floor at the National FAA Foundation annual convention in Indianapolis today.  I’ve had fun visiting with students and educators in agriculture.  They love my school materials.   Here I am, making the rounds.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q83Wachb0yg

Having Some Green in Iraq

 You don’t realize how much you miss green spaces until you don’t have them anymore.  See this article about an American soldier bringing ‘green’ to Iraq – it’s inspiring to see what lengths we’ll go to for the comforts of home.  http://landscapeonline.com/research/article/6932

Fall Yard Clean-Up

It’s cold this week in DC…..the ‘dog days of summer’ seem to be over.  Yet, everyone seems busy taking care of their yards. My friend says he’s tending to his yard for next year.  Seems you need to do a lot in the Fall to make sure next year’s lawn and garden are a success.  [...]

Fall is Planting Time – Plant What’s Right

Fall is the time to plant grass, but we want to plant what is right for the climate and area of the country.  My friend is busy all the time.  He doesn’t have time to waste on trying to make the wrong grass grow.  But, I do sure love the yard.  So, plant the right [...]

Keep Grass Cut – Safely

It’s been a blast laying in the yard this past week, air feels cooler, but the sun makes me feel sleepy on the lawn.  The grass seems to be growing real fast now – maybe that’s why I see my friend using the mower more.  He says ‘safety is number one’ when mowing.  Here are [...]