September 24th

Today, I’ll be the topic of a National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) and OPEI Webinar for thousands of future agricultural educators – called Barking up the Right Tree with TurfMutt, a New Yard Dog Science Program.  This special project of the National FFA Foundation is for students and teachers – they’ll be learning about […]


September 15th

The ‘dog’ days of summer are almost over.  It’s almost time to start planting new things: shrubs, trees and grass.  Cooler weather means plants grow deep roots over the winter.  I can already see some leaves falling on the ground……


September 11th

facebook-profile-pictureBy Lucky

Water Wise

For a lot of us, water is fun.  I personally love to swim at the lake with my Duck friend, Friendly.  But, water is a serious issue in some areas, and we need to learn to use it wisely.  Do you live in a dry area, or do you get a lot of rain?  Green spaces […]


September 9th

Schools in DC and California received a special delivery this week.  I left behind bags of grass seed.  That’s where it all starts, of course.  But, to get the best lawn, you need to plant the right seed for wherever you live.  We want nice grass without having to use too much water, so before you […]


September 8th

This was one exciting day.  I just visited 400 schools in Washington, DC and 986 schools in Sacramento, CA this week…Not personally, but hundreds of teachers are getting fun, but educational materials that will help me battle the evil forces bent on kicking up dust, letting dirty water run-off into our streams, gobbling up oxygen and heating […]